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Our new book, Images of America: The West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail, is now available to the public! Books can be ordered by mail or picked up in the Center for Public History. Staff will individually contact those who contributed to the book.

WGTHT Directors have arranged four book signings so far — two in Carrollton, one in Newnan, and one in Cartersville! See our Facebook events page or website events page for details and new signings. Editors Ann McCleary and Keri Adams would love to give a brief presentation followed by questions and a signing at member institutions! Please contact or our Arcadia Marketing Specialist Jonny Foster to arrange a book signing and/or presentation event.

really impressive and full of so much extensive history on the Textile Trail.  Thank you all so much for writing/publishing this wonderful book!  I’m glad it will be here for many years to come so the next generation will understand this important piece of our West Georgia History and the people who made it. Thanks for telling their stories. –Sara Moore, cover photo contributor.


NCPH Poster

This poster was presented by Keri Adams, Hannah Givens, and Chanell Lowery at the National Council on Public History Annual Meeting in 2016.


“West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail,” Georgia’s Great Places, Fall-Winter 2015-16. Read online.


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West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail: Connecting Communities Through Textiles

The Run of the Mill: Exploring Carrollton’s Textile Past (Self-Guided Tour)

Threads of the Past: Exploring Fullerville’s Textile History (Villa Rica Self-Guided Tour)

Tufts of the Past (Dalton-Whitfield Self-Guided Tour)



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