Experience the textile history of this “New South” mill community from cotton products to Hollywood productions.

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Mill owner's home. Photo courtesy: Grantville Genealogy Society

The town of Grantville began as a small settlement known as Calico Corner 1840. In 1852, the first train came to settlement courtesy of the Atlanta and LaGrange Railroad and became an integral part of the economy. The town was renamed Grantville in honor of the chief engineer of the railroad, Lemuel P. Grant. Due to the success of the regional cotton industry, by the early part of the twentieth century, Grantville flourished offering opportunities for industrialists to invest in the growing textile industry.  

Founded by Nathaniel O. Banks in 1895, Grantville Hosiery Mills began operations in 1896, adding a yarn mill in 1906. A mill village was also built to house the mill’s employees. By 1922, the company employed over two hundred people, most of whom were white women, to produce seamless cotton hose and half hose, men’s work sock and yarn sold nationwide. The mill produced approximately 2000 dozen pairs of hose per week. West Point Pepperell purchased the mill and operated it until it closed in 1980.

The Grantville Cotton Mill, a knitting facility, was completed in 1901 to produce cotton products. A mill village was built in the area around the mill to house the employees. Additions and improvements were made to the property in 1914. West Point Pepperell owned the assets during its use as a cotton mill and textile manufacturing facility. The mill closed in 1980.

Located in the historic downtown, the mill’s brick shell still survives and has been used in recent years to film AMC’s “Walking Dead” television series. The show has featured the mill prominently, leading visitors to come to Grantville from around the world. Now, the old mill is once again a meeting ground for this small southern Coweta County town.

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What can you see?

The following properties are not open to the public, but you can view them from the exterior to learn more about the buildings that supported the textile industry here.

  • Grantville Mills (Grantville Hosiery Mill) and Mill Villages — This complex is located 41 Industrial Way in Grantville. The Grantville Hosiery Mill Village is located along Banks, Shephard, and Rock Streets. These villages consist of mostly one-story, wood-framed houses.
  • Grantville Cotton Mill  Located at 17 Church Street in downtown Grantville the brick remains of this mill were used to film AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” The mill village for the Grantville Mill is located along Grady, Smith, Maple, and Arnold Streets.
  • Grantville Passenger Train Depot — Located at 30 Main Street in Grantville, this passenger train depot was built along the Atlanta and West Point Railroad.
  • Grantville Freight Depot — Located directly across the street from the passenger depot, this train depot was originally built in 1852 to handle both freight and passengers along the Atlanta and West Point Railroad. In the early 1900s, a second depot was built across the street to accommodate passengers only.

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