Student Blogs

Our student-staffers gain valuable and unique experiences while working on the Textile Heritage Trail. In a single semester, they might do anything from writing a community page to conducting oral histories to conducting strategic planning. In our blogs, we try to give a behind-the-scenes look at the work our students are doing.

Feature Stories

Our feature stories come from a variety of places. Sometimes we find a story while researching a community page and decide that it deserves a little more of a spotlight. Other times, a member of the public, usually someone from or with roots in our constituent communities, approaches us with a desire to tell a broader story on a company, community, or an individual. In other cases they might be a subject that is common thread which links the experiences of the Trail’s constituent communities together. These Feature Stories allow us to take a deep dive into these subjects and provide our constituents with a more nuanced understanding of these topics.

Hometown History

Carrollton, and Carroll County by extension, is the home-base for the West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail. Because of that, and the abundance of textile history in Carroll County, we have written several intricate histories of the Carroll County textile industry. Those can be found here.