Our main goal with this conference that took place April 30, 2012, was to educate the public of the potential uses and to interpret the extant textile resources in communities along Highway 27 in West Georgia.

We believe that preserving and interpreting the history of textile production will open the region of West Georgia to more tourism and assist in the economic development of the region through interpretive signs, historical markers, brochures, and a website.

Conference speakers covered topics ranging from marketing to preservation to tax incentives. Speakers included Jamil Zainaldin, President of the Georgia Humanities Council, Leslie Breland, Bruce Green, and Janet Cochran from the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Richard Cloues, Steven Moffson, and Bill Hover from the State Historic Preservation Office, and Ann McCleary and Keith Hebert, co-directors of the West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail. In addition to speakers, large group discussions were offered to answer any questions and to share ideas.