Center for Public History faculty serves as the project directors of the West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail. They are History Program faculty members at the University of West Georgia located in Carrollton, Georgia. UWG Center for Public History faculty direct graduate and undergraduate student researchers in everyday operations of the Trail, and grant-funded projects.

In addition, directing faculty work with various UWG divisions and faculty, heritage and cultural tourism professionals, local governments, and community partners to secure grants to fund various projects for the Trail, including wayside interpretive exhibits, self-guided brochures, and conferences.

Student Assistant Researchers

The UWG Center for Public History’s student assistants assigned to the West Georgia Textile Heritage Trail includes graduate, post-baccalaureate, and undergraduate students. These positions are meant to create practicum experiences for students that provide services to Trail members, researchers, community partners, and the general public. All student researchers are supervised by the Center faculty.