Aragon, Rome, Carrollton, Cedartown, and Bowdon

In order to preserve and interpret the history of textiles surrounding Highway 27 in west Georgia, graduate student Susan Frohlich organized and conducted Textile History Days during the summer and fall of 2012 in Aragon, Rome, Carrollton, Cedartown, and Bowdon. These days allowed individuals to share their personal stories of working in the textile industry, through informal oral history interviews and photographs they brought to be scanned. The purpose of these history days was to provide a comfortable, but scholarly setting for people to share their memories.

All interviews and scanned images collected during the history days are archived in the Center for Public History at the University of West Georgia. The stories captured will be used for research and to further the importance of textile history in this region.

To document the textile history of this region, other communities interested in hosting their own Textile History Day are encouraged to contact the Center for Public History at 678-839-6141 or by email at